The Rebollo srl, in its current corporate form, was founded in 2001 but has fifty years of business behind it. An activity started by the paternal grandfather and continued for two successive generations.
We, the Rebollo family, are a close-knit working group, which is dedicated to this small production reality that operates in the manufacture and distribution of small jewels.
Our development is the result of will, competence and passion that we place in our way of interacting with anyone we are lucky enough to meet in the path of daily work.
Our clear sales policy, the attention we dedicate to our products, from the initial choice of materials to the constant verification of each production phase, the concern for relations with our customers, the commitment in the post-production phase and the care of every single shipment have always been strength and capital of our corporate life.

Our motto is: let's meet to work together.


"Parthenope, the virgin, the woman, does not die, does not die, has no grave, is immortal ... it is love" from "Neapolitan Legends" by Matilde Serao
With this love the Rebollo Family creates wonderful artisanal treasures .
We let ourselves be inspired by a sweet Muse , a bond between sea and land , to create unique, refined and highly skilled.

A wisdom that began in a post-war house and which today continues in professional workshops and which makes every object a unique, sophisticated creation.

Research and attention that begins with our logo that recalls the initial of our family and that develops on a silver filigree as an absolute bond of time and in the time of a family and professional relationship that does not it will end today but will continue in tomorrow.

4 R's intersect: those of us sons Armando, Salvatore, Alessandro and Tommaso, our father, who was the creator and engine as well as custodian of an ancient wisdom.

Love is the engine of our creations and for these the hands of the artisans work with great professionalism important elements such as Murano, Lava pearls or Crystals.

Rebollo is art, passion, love, professionalism, guarantee and style.