Legal notice

Product warranty

Our collections are all accompanied by certificates of authenticity and guarantee. This certificate, responding to the rules for information due to consumers, certifies that:

a) these are costume jewelery assembled in individually specified composite materials

b) the production of the finished bijoux is by Rebollo srl, its specialized workers and that no child labor is used at any stage of the processing.

c) the origin of these products, where not specified , is not located outside the European Union

d) it is not produced with materials or substances that can cause damage to humans, property or the environment, if used for the purpose for which they are intended , and precisely to visually and superficially embellish the person who wears them

e) all the materials used are selected and checked repeatedly and are almost entirely of exclusive Italian production. In particular, silver and Murano glass are of Italian production. The crystals we use are the best on the market.

Our products are accompanied by certificates that we briefly summarize:

Rebollo Bijoux Collection: certified "Rebollo Bijoux"

All the silver details are in 925 silver and are of absolute and exclusive Italian manufacture.

Fiffi Flowers Collection: “Italian Souvenir” certificate

All the metal details are nickel-free treated and are of absolute and exclusive Italian manufacture. The materials are varied from glass to plexiglass, to crystal.

In addition to these certifications and specifications, Rebollo srl guarantees that: all the metal parts used in its collections are finished without nickel , in compliance with the EEC regulations in force. The treatment without nickel favors the anallergicity to this intolerance.

Rebollo srl guarantees its products against any defect.

It should be noted, however, that these are handcrafted products worked individually and that often, especially in glass beads, small "defects" inside the pearls are not only inevitable but, more often than not, the merits of craftsmanship.

Should the consumer still find a defect in the products purchased, he can exercise the right of withdrawal if 14 continuous calendar days have not yet elapsed from receipt of the goods. Alternatively and in the event of missing products, the consumer can request their replacement free of charge: Rebollo srl will carry out the necessary checks and, if this problem is found, it will confirm acceptance of the complaint.

The consumer can request information, submit any complaints or observations, communicate whatever he deems appropriate, to our postal, electronic and fax addresses by activating the procedure described in the "Right of withdrawal" form on the site.